Our History


Our Pineapple represents hospitality.

Neighbor to Neighbor of America is a new resident welcoming service. Our team of community representatives strives to visit all the new neighbors moving into their welcoming area.

Our company logo THE PINEAPPLE represents the colonial period of hospitality. When ships returned from the exotic South Seas, they would bring home pineapples. The captain and crew would bring pineapples to their friends as welcoming and hospitality gifts. Many colonial craftsmen would include pineapples in their fine furniture. It remains a sign of hospitality today.

Neighbor to Neighbor has been developing its methods of welcoming for over 40 years. We have a folder of information that is given to the new residents. This folder contains community information about their new hometown. This is valuable information from community leaders, civic organizations, the school department, local officials and much more.

After the Neighbor to Neighbor representative goes through the community information, we then talk about the local sponsors of our program. They include your local merchants, Doctors, Service companies and any other type of business wishing to welcome a new family to town. They each present the new resident with a welcoming coupon or special offer.

Robert Magovern is the founder of Neighbor to Neighbor and still operates it today. He purchased another welcoming service in Fairfield County Ct in 1975. Mr. Magovern changed the name to Neighbor to Neighbor and adopted the Pineapple as the company logo. Through the years, Neighbor to Neighbor has expanded to cover not only Fairfield County Connecticut but Northern Connecticut and also parts of Western Massachusetts.

Over the years, Welcome Wagon developed a national welcoming service with home representation. Several years ago, Welcome Wagon did away with the in home welcoming program and switched to a mailing program. Neighbor to Neighbor has worked to keep the tradition of a neighbor welcoming a new neighbor alive. No mater what social or economic strata a new resident is in, they still enjoy finding out first hand about their new hometown.

We hope that as time goes on, Neighbor to Neighbor will be able to expand our welcoming service into new areas and help more new neighbors find out about their new home town.


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