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You can work as an Advertising and Public Relations Professional in your community. Solid earnings and opportunity are waiting for you at Neighbor to Neighbor of America, Inc. Come join a company that can make your goals come true!

Neighbor to Neighbor, your local welcoming service that can be a key to your career independence.  Your goals and ambition determine your earnings.  The potential for high earnings combined with the opportunity for personal growth and sales training is yours to act on.

  • Neighbor to Neighbor mails out welcome packets to all the new people who buy a home. We are looking for someone to meet with the local businesses and professionals within their hometown to bring them in as sponsoring businesses for their packets. You receive a sign up fee for each sponsor you bring in, along with monthly commissions for as long as you continue to bring in sponsors
  • You will need and work with the leaders in your community in business, government and community service organizations.
  • Neighbor to Neighbor representatives are known and recognized as professionals in advertising and public relations in their communities.  They are performing a service that is valued by communities and considered productive citizens.
  • You have the advantage of managing your own hours and creating your own schedule. This is a wonderful benefit for those returning to the workforce and those with other commitments.  You do need to be a self-motivated person because those high earnings are only realized when you put in the time.


We will train you in welcoming and sales techniques that will assure your success.  This training is ongoing with monthly training/support meetings.


You will be working in your own neighborhood from your own home with flexible schedules to fit you family needs.

Neighbor to Neighbor is a very special form of advertising as we take business and professional information directly to potential customers in their homes.  We also offer important cultural, civic and recreational information to our new residents.  As one of our representatives, you will be given training by skilled professionals and receive support from the home office as you work promoting our unique services to business, professionals and your new neighbors.

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