Advertising with Neighbor to Neighbor and watch your business GROW!

  • We are the best welcoming service of its kind in operation.
  • Provides welcoming visits that are informative, friendly, and professional.
  • Offers newcomers more community and civic information than any other service.
  • Provides the first, and often only, contact with the community.
    We only employ representatives who take pride in their work.

Word of Mouth Advertising

Word of Mouth Advertising has always proven to be the best form of Advertising. This is what the Neighbor to Neighbor welcoming service offers your business.

The type of advertising that welcoming services provide has proven to be the best way to get your message of new residents in your area.  They are given incentives to visit your business.

Neighbor to Neighbor:

  • Has a proven track record of success since 1969.
  • Has sponsors who have been in the program since our first year in business.
  • Offers “Direct Contact”, no other advertising media can say this.
  • Representatives do not mail or leave information packets at the door.
  • Reinforces your existing advertising, giving you a “ring the bell twice overall marketing strategy”, which effectively increases your business.
  • We make personal visits to the newcomers and introduce each sponsor individually.

What We Do

  • A Neighbor to Neighbor Representative makes a personal in-home welcoming visit to new families who have recently moved into your trade area.
  • Give civic and social information about their new community using the Neighbor to Neighbor approach.
  • Tell them about your product or service and recommend you to them.
  • Present them with a “personal invitation” to visit your store soon.

Your Benefits

  • Exposure! (Market Awareness) Newcomers will know where you are located and what products and services you offer, first.
  • New Customers! (Shopper Draw) A steady flow of customers coming into your store.
  • Repeat Customers! (Increase Shopper Frequency) People remain loyal to the first place of business they stop.
  • Personalized Report with valuable demographic information on the new families moving into your area.

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